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Welcome to the web-site of TAIPIT industrial group’s furniture branch. Currently, we are manufacturer and supplier of three furniture brands - SKYLAND (cabinet furniture), CHAIRMAN (office chairs and sitting furniture) and VOGELBAUM (kitchen furniture).

SKYLAND brand history

1997 — factory was launched at a rented 3 000 m2 workshop
1998 — factory equipped with precision machinery – HOLZA panel sizers and BRANDT edge-beveling machines.
1999 — the manufacturing area was bought. Batch production launched.
2001 — woodworking and paint lines launched. Furniture facades line launched.
2003 — IMAGO collection – our first super-popular furniture line - represented.
2004 — a new 300 m2 workshop opened. Factory equipped with new machinery – NESTRO aspiration system, HOLZMA panel sizers, BIMA machining center units, NOVIMAT double-surface lining machines, WEEKE drilling machines.
2005 — distribution network of over 500 trading partners in Russia and CIS countries is being developed.
2006 — a complex cabinet furniture range for all the zones of an office formed.
2009 — SKYLAND-ONLINE, extended on-line services system launched.
2011 — NESTRO materials recovery/heating system launched at the factory.
2012 — new quality standards adopted, 6-stage quality control system launched.
2013 — environmental safety and occupational health stansards raised – new AAGARD aspiration system and UNICON boiler system launched.
2014 — workshop area extended to 11 000 m2. New 1 200 m2 administration and amenity block built.
2014 — factory equipped with new machinery – HOMAG edge-beveling machines and a MORBIDELLI machining center.
2014 — global product line extension. TORR and XTEN collections represented.
2015 — further product line extension. Office partition panels batch production started.

Some figures
  • Overall sales — over 1 000 000 product units per year
  • Distribution geography — Russia (over 100 cities and towns), Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States
  • Dealers network — over 1 100 established dealers
  • Regional branches — 7 offices and warehouses in Russia, Belarus and Estonia
  • Sales staff — over 60 skilled professionals
  • Regional warehouses — total storage space over 28 000 m2
  • Permanently in stock — over 120 000 product units
  • Vehicle fleet — 35 vehicles, total capacity over 550 000 kg
  • CHAIRMAN Office chairs and sitting furniture manufacture and distribution volume — over 60 000 units per month
  • SKYLAND cabinet furniture factory (Grodno, Belarus), working area over 11 000 m2.
  • CHAIRMAN furniture range — over 130 models
  • SKYLAND furniture range — over 5 000 articles within 14 collections

SKYLAND factory

Located in Grodno (Belarus), our factory is one of the most modern and high-performance furniture factories in Belarus and Russia.

Factory and administrative buildings area – 11 000 m2, total complex area – 3.7 hectare.
The factory is equipped with modern and high-performance machinery:

The modern equipment contributes to manufacturing process optimization, environmental safety and occupation health. Besides, it helps to minimize wastewood and to provide consistency of performance.

Here is a brief description of the basic production phases. 
In panel sizing section, laminated chipboard is turned into board blanks. Sizing is processed ad HOLZMA program control machining centers :


Machining center with turntable can cut 6 pieces of chipboard in parallel and guarantees precise cutting (error margin +/- 0.4mm). Autoloading line makes the process fast.

Then, board blanks go to edge-beveling section. Here, we can see IMA automatic edge-beveling lines:

Double-surfaced IMA edgebanders do their job fast.

Then, the details go to the drilling section.


Drilling is performed by HOMAG, IMA and BIESSE panel boring machines. Precise drilling seems to be a small change, but it’s very important for the furniture adjustment. So the precise and fast-operating equipment is vitally important for this section.

In fact, after drilling we get an end product, which can go to the quality control section, then be packed and sent to the customer. But it’s fair for rectilinear articles only. Curvilinear articles are shaped, edged and drilled at IMA machining centers:

These machining centers practically turn laminated chipboard panels into end products.

After quality control section (all products have to pass it), we go to packing section:


Here, the accessories are added, and the furniture is accurately packed into 5-layers corrugated cardboard to provide a safe trip to its future owners.

You see, manufacturing process is quite simple. Now, let’s speak about another factor, which contributes into the quality of the end product – materials and components.

First of all, all the materials and components we use are made in Europe, the region of mature traditions and strict regulations in quality control. Maybe it’s not the cheapest solvation, but we can be absolutely sure that the materials we purchase are eco-friendly and have consistent quality.


Let’s have a look at some materials we use in SKYLAND furniture manufacturing process.

The basic material for cabinet furniture is laminated chipboard. If we ask Wikipedia, it would describe chipboard as “an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded”. We use E1 class (in European ecological classification) chipboard only, which means that the material is absolutely safe.

plita1.jpg plita2.jpg

We use KRONOPOL (Poland), KRONOSPAN (Poland), PHLEIDERER (Poland) and EGGER (Austria) chipboard. These manufacturers have the best possible reputation in the market.

Another basic material for cabinet furniture is the edge. It’s a narrow strip that’s being fixed at the butts of furniture details.

There are several types of the edge. The cheapest and widely used by small furniture manufacturers melamine edge doesn’t provide adequate physical damage protection, so we don’t use it.

SKYLAND furniture details are edged with PVC- and ABS- edge (REHAU, DOLLKEN – Germany), which protects furniture much better (and looks much better, too).

Another important component of SKYLAND furniture is the accessories we use.

All the fittings, fastenings, bolts, legs, etc. etc. Yes, their quality is important, too. They shall provide sustainability, they provide good looks after several years of operation.

We purchase accessories from several manufacturers – German, Italian, Polish, Danish – and we try to choose the best from their product ranges:

In technical description of our product lines, you can see complete information about materials and accessories used. We use the best available accessories to provide the best available quality for SKYLAND furniture.

But good materials do not automatically make the end product good. That’s why at our factory we use quite a complicated 6-stage quality control system. That’s how it works: 

1. Entry material control. Yes, we trust our suppliers, but we prefer to check the materials quality anyway.
2. Operation checking. Each operation should be controlled.
3. Interoperational inspection. A cumulative area in between operation sections is a good place to check products once again.
4. Final checking. Before packing, each detail should be checked.
5. Pre-dispatch checking. Packing is controlled, too.
6. Check assembly. We take random products from our stock to make a check assembly and make sure, that any SKYLAND-labeled desk or cabinet meets our quality standards.


Each stage is performed under severe regulation, with most detailed standards for each kind of materials and end products. We constantly toughen the quality requirements – it’s vitally necessary to keep up with modern quality standards.

Information for potential dealers and buyers

If you plan to purchase SKYLAND furniture for your home or office – you can choose a supplier from our list of over 1 100 trading partners here.

If your ambition is to become our trading partner – click here to go to our consolidated TAIPIT furniture branch website to fill a brief and simple registration form.

Whatever your plans are, we hope that you’ve found what you were looking for in SKYLAND furniture. Since 1997, we’re doing our best for it, and according to feedback we’re getting – we’re on a right way.

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate co contact us.
E-mail for general questions - info@skyland.ru
E-mail for questions regarding SKYLAND trademark use - brand@skyland.ru