First of all, we’re glad that you are here reading this text now. Most probably, it means that we work at the same field. If it is so, we could be useful for each other, right?

If your business is office furniture sales – congratulations, you are here reading the right text at the right website. If office furniture sales is what you’re going to do in future – that’s OK too, we’d be happy to help you.


Now – some information for our potential dealers. No, we don’t sell directly to end users. No, we are not going to do it in future. We are absolutely sure that you can do it much, much better – so why bother? Our job is to design and to manufacture modern, attractive top-quality furniture, and to offer you best possible partnership terms. Sales is your job.

About partnership terms now. What can you gain, joining our dealers network? First of all, sales volume. Sales volume brings profit, right? In Russia, SKYLAND is a well-known brand with good reputation – since 2002, over 1 000 000 workstations have been equipped with our furniture. Our dealers confirm that sales volumes go on rising.

But product quality and brand reputation alone can’t make really good sales. We provide our partners with a complex of powerful sales instruments:

  • Complete library of models and elements, in all available colors, for catalogs and web-sites
  • Complete AUTOCAD models library
  • Help in creating interior design projects
  • Professional presentations
  • Printed informational materials
  • POS materials
  • Marketing support programs
  • Collaborative media campaigns
  • Special offer on exhibition samples
  • Staff trainings.


    Of course that list doesn’t cover all the support we can offer. We could go on and on, describing all the profits and benefits which result from our manufacturing and logistic capabilities… Besides, we could have simply forgotten to include some articles into the list. We are just humans, after all :)

    Anyway, you can always be sure that we do our best to make terms and conditions of partnership most profitable for our dealers. Being our dealer is a profitable and really comfortable affair.

    How to become our dealer? Just register here . We shall e-mail or call back to discuss all the terms and conditions of partnership.

    And – last but not least. Today, TAIPIT dealers network associate over 1 100 dealers. But – we are absolutely sure that there is enough space for some new partners. If you work well with your customers – we are sure you do – whey would buy from you. Adding SKYLAND furniture range to your price-list shall solve the biggest problem good sales face – how to make a potential customer to give you a chance.

    So, you are welcome to join us!