New. Cute. SKILLLed.

Our SKILLL range has been extended with two absolutely different, but equally cute models. For those who didn’t know – SKILLL is a line of non-traditional computer desks, initially designed for hardcore (and not really hardcore) gamers. But as it’s turned out, these desks are equally liked by those who never played anything but minesweeper, but simply like a combination of bright design, solid construction and available price.

First comes CTG 960. Futuristic desk on a light metal frame may look tiny and even feeble, but it’s an absolutely erroneous impression. In fact, it’s a very sturdy desk with strong complex steel frame and reliable desktop made of firm and endurable laminated chipboard.

CTG 960 без кресла.jpg

Another newbie in our team is for the next generation of gamers (or not gamers? no matter, really). CTG 7050 is a workdesk/computer desks for children and teenagers – comfortable, bright and as reliable as furniture for children should be (reliability volume – XXXXXL).


STG7050_красный.jpgSTG7050_ Желтый-бриллиант.jpg

If you are thinking about arranging a new workplace – for yourself or for a child (especially for an “I’m not a child anymore” child) – take notice of the SKILLL desks. So different in design – but equally practical, uncommonly looking and comfortable. And – yes, very, very affordable.

стол с красной кромкой для девочки от 13.07.20_.jpg

Yes, it’s the SKILLL!

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