Meet new classy desks. Really classy – bright, stylish and truly solid, with a bunch of tangible benefits. SKILLL CARBON computer desks.


Their most prominent feature is the coating. “Carbon” vinyl film – like for vehicles. Looks cute, right?


But it’s definitely not their only benefit. Reliable metal frame, high level of ergonomics, stylish design – that’s what we like these desks for. Besides, CTG 1260 is equipped with LED-lights – for those, who like the special atmosphere in their gaming environment. CTG 1160 has a folding frame – ideal for those, who may need to take the desk away for some time.


CARBON. It’s about spaceships and racing cars. Technologies of tomorrow. A door to a new reality. Can your desk follow that style? Yes, it can.



Wins. Achievements. Pure joy. Yes, it’s the SKILLL.

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