Followers make leaders. Support makes winners. For sure, you are the one to plays the leading role, but the proper environment makes your gaming process more comfortable, wins – obtained more easily, and celebration – more exuberant. SKILLL – an ideal environment for a gamer.


Launching this line of gaming computer desks, we offer 3 options for you to choose the one that truly suits you.


SKILLL SSTG 1385. Reliable metal frame. Ready for the most serious load and the brightest emotions. And, well… It’s simply a very comfortable desk.

SSTG 1385 - Стол компьютерный игровой красный+.jpg

SKILLL STG 1385. It’s the serious one. The strong one. The powerful one. Reliable as a rock, cute as… well, a rock. And comfortable… not as a cradle, of course, but that’s the first association several our employees mentioned when we were examining the test model.

STG 1385 - Стол компьютерный игровой красный+.jpg

SKILLL STG 1390. This one is about space. Gives you maximum of workspace, taking minimum of living space. Space management specialist for those who are definitely NOT clear desk devotees.STG 1390 - Стол компьютерный игровой красный+.jpg

    Wins. Achievements. Pure joy. Yes, it’s the SKILLL.


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