Our life has changed. Google a photo of an average office 30 years ago – and compare it to the office where you work today. Everything is different. We have comfortable chairs, we have computers, we have… We have anything to make our working process comfortable. The only thing that until recently remained unchanged was an office desk – big, massive and square. Why?

That’s a fact to be changed. We can adjust the height of our office chairs – why we can’t adjust the height of our office desks? If we want to stand by a desk, not to sit by it – why not? After all, it’s much healthier.

For an average European office, a desk with height adjustment mechanism is quite standard. But in the Eastern Europe, it’s still something outstanding.

We really like the idea, and maybe the fact, that one of the biggest office furniture manufacturers of the region (yes, that’s about us) has launched the line of such tables, shall make them more popular?

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