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WAVE is a line of operative furniture designed to be a mass consumption product. Smooth beveled edges, traditional colors, wide assortment range and affordable price make it “simply furniture”, that would successfully fit into any office space.


Sonoma Oak
Sonoma Oak
Tiara Beech
Tiara Beech
Legno Dark
Legno Dark

Product information

Desktop gage: 19mm
Legs gage : 18mm
Gap between desktop and legs: 10mm
Base material: 19mm MDF
Other materials: 3-ply E1 laminated chipboard
Coating: PVC film
Edges: PVC film, 2mm PVC, melamine
Desk partitions: laminated chipboard, laminated chipboard + fabric
Desk partitions carriers: metal bracket-clips, 6mm at the bottom part
Accessories: silvery metal
Adjustable legs (desks and cabinets): metal+plastic, height adjustment range – 15mm
Cabinet drawers: 12mm folding
Cabinet drawers locks: central locks
Strength joints: quaternary eccentrics
Package: multilayer corrugated cardboard, polystyrene, corky spacers
Guarantee: 60 months