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Offix NEW
Meet OFFIX NEW, based on our original OFFIX collection, that was widely liked, but poorly bought, mainly due to huge product range which far not easy to navigate. We have adjusted the wide product range, intended originally for serious designer’s work, for use by non-professional designers. We’ve picked up most popular elements, combined them into complex items and now we offer those who want a “professionally designed” interior this little cheat. You are welcome!


Sonoma Oak Light
Sonoma Oak Light
Legno Dark
Legno Dark

Product information

Desktop gage: 25mm
Legs: 18mm laminated chipboard, metal top/legs connectors
Frames gage: 18mm
Base material: 3-ply E1 laminated chipboard
Edges of major elements: PVC 2mm
Accessories: aluminum
Adjustable legs: metal+plastic, height adjustment range – 15mm
Cabinet drawers: folding
Strength joints: quaternary eccentrics
Package: multilayer corrugated cardboard, polystyrene
Guarantee: 60 months