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Years pass, generations come and go… No, it’s not about frailty of life, it’s simply about office furniture. For years, XTEN has been our bestseller, but its time is coming to its decline. What comes next?
Next comes new philosophy. A new office, where operative and executive workplaces do not differ – they are equally comfortable and nice-looking. And – pragmatic. Very pragmatic with its variability and with its supreme reliability.
Technically, XTEN GLOSS is a line of modern office furniture with stainless steel legs and with wide variability of desktops. In fact, it’s a new generation of office furniture. Or – an office for the new generation. 


Sonoma Oak
Sonoma Oak
Tiara Beech
Tiara Beech
Legno Dark
Legno Dark

Product information

Desktop material: laminated chipboard (class E1)
Desktop gage: 25 мм.
Desks legs: 2 mm stainless steel frame (sec. 50*25 mm).
Chipboard details edges: PVC 2 mm.
Adjustable legs: metal+plastic, height adjustment range – 15mm
Strength joints: «metal-metal» screws
Can be completed with:
- XTEN storage systems and accessories;
- XTEN, RAND LITE, RAND ACOUSTIC desk partitions.
Package: multilayer corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap
Guarantee: 60 months