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Easy height adjustment for your desk. What for? Sit or stand by your desk, change the position as often as you wish. It’s healthy, it’s trendy, and it’s a fun.


Birch Nord
Birch Nord
Sonoma Oak
Sonoma Oak

Product information

Table top gage: 25 mm

Table legs: steel 2 mm (Russia), height adjustment mechanism.

Table height adjustment range: 709 - 1141 mm

Base material: three-ply eco-friendly laminated chipboard (E1, made in Poland)

Edges (major elements): 2mm acrylic edge (made in Germany)

Edges (other elements): 2mm acrylic edge (made in Germany)

Partition panels: laminated chipboard, chipboard + fabric

Partition panels bindings: metal clamp brackets, basic component minimum gage – 6mm

Accessories: aluminum (made in Germany)

Desks adjustable legs: plastic base, metal, 15mm adjustment range (made in Denmark)

Cabinet drawers: 12mm folding (made in Italy)

Drawer locks: central locks (made in Germany)

Strength joints: quaternary eccentrics (made in Germany)

Package: 5-layer corrugated cardboard box, foam plastic, plastic corner pieces

Guarantee: 60 months