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Economy version of a modern design. Spectacular looks, high reliability and affordable price make TORR-Z the best possible option for those who watch their money.


Wenge Magia
Wenge Magia
Kanyon oak
Kanyon oak
Devon oak
Devon oak

Product information

Table top gage: 38 mm.
Table legs gage: 38 mm.
Base material: three-ply eco-friendly laminated chipboard (E1, made in Poland)
Accessories: U-shaped, HPL lamella (made in Germany)
Desks and tables adjustable legs: plastic base, metal, 15 mm adjustment range (made in Denmark)
Cabinet drawers: 12mm folding (made in Italy)
Drawer locks: central locks (made in Germany)
Strength joints: quaternary eccentrics (made in Germany)
Package:  3-layer corrugated cardboard box, foam plastic, plastic corner pieces
Guarantee: 60 months



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